David Herbrechter

David Herbrechter – Freelance artist – born 1996 in Berlin. 

Growing up in Dortmund, I knew relatively early that I wanted to move back to my hometown Berlin after graduating from school.

My artistic activity intensified during my training as a hotel clerk. Subsequently, the interest did not leave me to express and process first impressions of the hotel industry and everyday experiences in various forms of representation of the visual arts. To pursue my passion, in 2020 I began my studies in communication design.

In my works, forms merge with their surroundings, individual elements disappear in a jumble of floral patterns, brand logos, musical instruments, bodies, buildings and not always objectively identifiable forms.
If we understand my paintings as a reproduction of the artist’s experience of everyday life and the world in the big city, then before us emerges the image of a society that seems to lose itself in its unmanageability and hectic pace.

I try to take the observer on a journey through the process of constant development and diversity, expressed through different painting techniques and stylistic devices in my works.

During my studies, I increasingly developed a passion for digital drawing, which I now also offer since 2021 in the form of NFTs on Opensea and Foundation.


The Hue in the heart of Schöneberg is my open studio.
It is an art space, an exhibition space and a walk-in studio.

It can be a meeting place for creative minds,
space for painters, musicians, photographers, designers and other creative people.

Neben der Kunst ist im HUE auch Raum für die neuen dezentralen, digitalen und demokratischen Formen des Wirtschaftens.